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Hey Everyone!

I have some exciting news, but later on that.. When I first acquired TridentMC, I never thought some aspects of the server were going to be complex as I may have thought. I never had any experience hiring youtubers, and that put a huge outlook on me. I'm not going to go into much detail about that, however I have learned a very valuable lesson regarding my future decisions on how we hire people. I believe learning this lesson early on was a great accomplishment this month, even if we didn't get any development done. However, we've gone through great strides in development!

Some of you may know, our system administrator, server developer, website admin, pizza eater, Matthew. Matthew has made some great progress on everything in less than a months time. Trident has a great administration and staff team behind it to ensure we offer you, the players, something to enjoy. Many servers use that same line fairly often, however -- how often do they keep that promise? We want to offer a server for not only you to enjoy, but your friends. For the longest time minecraft prison has been over looked as a non-popular or outdated gamemode. Those 2 descriptions could be nothing from the truth. However, what is far from the truth is how the gamemode was originally intended and the chances of it being able to be revived. Prison is a gamemode which was never meant to be "OP." This same scenario goes for HCF, Factions, etc. Minecraft is a game of competition, it's a game of exploration, and when you introduce "OP" to it, you strip all those aspects away from it. Our progress on the server has seen some great strides, including our spawn. We want everything to be perfect for you all, and that is why we have not yet decided on a release date yet. We will be working on deciding a date shortly, however not right now.

We've been in development for almost 1 month and can't wait until our initial beta release. If you are interested in applying for staff please go...

Read Me Welcome to TridentMC's Forum

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Hey Folks,

Welcome to TridentMC's Official Forum. We've been behind the scenes working very hard to bring you something easy on the eyes while maintaining something that's simplistic to use at the same time. Here's what we've done so far:

  • Online staff applications
  • Hooked in the store
  • Integrating your forum rank with in-game ranks

This is a very exciting stage for the server. As we move along in development, we'd like to get to know our community, so feel free to make an introduction about yourself in introductions! We're very excited to announce what we've got planned for this summer and we are confident you will love it as much as we have enjoyed creating it. We'll be releasing more information about a beta test in the upcoming weeks. We hope you are as excited as we are!

Our store will be opening soon, and we will be giving out something special to our first donors, we will be introducing what is in store for our early birds soon.

We hope to see you interacting with the community, and we're glad you're here with us on this amazing journey. I hope to see you around!

While browsing the forum, please follow our forum rules, which can be found by going here: server, forum, and discord rules


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